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The power of synergies and collaborations
The power of synergies and collaborations

It is well known that collaboration and networking play a positive role in enhancing the impact and visibility of research results. They facilitate the exchange of information with other projects and platforms, ensure the transfer of know-how and experience, foster replication, and act as powerful multipliers that extend the reach of any given project.

The added value of collaboration is enabling solutions and results that otherwise would not have been possible. Tangible benefits include: development of collaborative tools and platforms, analysis and dissemination of good practice and success stories, exchange of relevant experience and know-how, organisation of joint actions, and more.

Developing a network is at the heart of BIOWAYS’ mission to spread the concept of the bioeconomy among organisations and citizens. During its first year, BIOWAYS has collaborated with over 150 agents from different countries, successfully communicating the value of research and innovation as a means of promoting the European bioeconomy.

Core project actions included the creation of networking and discussion spaces - both online and offline - such as the Biowatch platform, barcamps, charrettes, workshops, reference groups, communication and learning tools such as online games and videos, the organisation of dissemination events, and more. The involvement of a wide range of stakeholders was encouraged to facilitated alliances, synergies and the exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Some results of these collaborative activities are:

Games: "BIO Challenge" was developed in collaboration with STAR-ProBio project, who provided the contents, while BIOWAYS designed and developed the game; "Bio…What?" was developed in partnership with the BioSTEP project. Experimentation of gamified solutions for learning was performed in collaboration with “06 Scienza” and “Frascati Scienza” during Makers Faire (Rome, 2017).

Survey: more than 30 projects participated in a survey to collect meaningful evidence and information regarding expected outputs and market uptake, legislation and policy framework, the user’s perspective and the impact, visibility and exploitation potential of their research work. You can see a list of these projects HERE.

Learning materials: 70 “60 seconds science videos” were shot with the help of collaborating researchers during the Maker Faire. Access to the videos HERE .

Guidance and assessment: Experts from 14 entities related with circular economy collaborate with BIOWAYS as members of our Reference Group. See the Members of the Reference Group HERE

Events: Projects like ISAAC, MEAL and DANDELION worked with us to organise the Thematic Joint Workshop at a researcher’s night in Rome (28.09.2017) called “Educational games and educational solutions to increase the impact of scientific and research results and involve the general public and new generations”. The University of Porto also collaborated with BIOWAYS to participate in the researcher’s night Aveiro (29.09.2017); STARProBio co-organized a charette at the Maker Faire, with the participation of 13 projects, eight research centres, 15 companies and startups and six Associations. 30 projects were partnered at the Bioeconomy Village at the Maker Faire.