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BIOWAYS Factsheets

During the first months of the BIOWAYS project, a thorough literature review of the application areas and market penetration of bio-based products was conducted, in our effort to analyse the maturity level of the bio-economy in Europe..
The review focused on the following bio-based market segments:

  • Biolubricants
  • Bio-economy and Bio-based products
  • Biosurfactants
  • Biochemicals
  • Biofuels
  • Bioenergy
  • Food Ingredients and Feed
  • Bio-based Plastics

See the facysheets below:

FactSheet #01 - Biolubricants

Biolubricants are primarely triglyceride esters derived from plants and animals, and are made using renewable and biodegradable base stocks. 

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FactSheet #02 - Bio-economy and Bio-based products

The European Commission defines the bio-economy as "the production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value-added products, such as food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy.  

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FactSheet #03 - Biosurfactants

Surfanctants are compounds that lower the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. They can be used as detergentsm wetting agents, emuldifiers foaming agents and dispersants. 

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FactSheet #04 - Biochemicals

Biochemicals are made from biomass through chemical or biological conversions and are used either as base chemicals in industrial manufacturing processes or as building blocks to be transformed into new families of useful molecules, leading to high-value bio-based chemicals or materials. 

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FactSheet #05 - Biofuels

Biofuels are fuels that are produced through contemporary biological processes, such as agriculture and anaerobic digestion, rather than a fuel produced by geological processes such as those involved in the formation of fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum, from prehistoric matter. 

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FactSheet #06 - Bioenergy

Bioenergy is the heat and electricity "energy" produced by biomass resources and this can be anything from agriculture, forest and biodegradable waste. 

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FactSheet #07 - Food Ingredients and Feed

Bio-based food ingredients are products used in the food and feed industry that are produced from the by-products of different food and feed industries using any biotechnology process. The compounds used to make bio-based food ingredients can derive from microbial, animal or plant sources. 

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FactSheet #08 - Bio-based Plastics

Bio-based plastics are plastics made in wole or partially from biological resources. Bio-based or partly bio-based plastics possess identical properties as their conventional versions. These bio-based plastics cannot be distinguished from conventional commodity plastics other than by scientific analyses. 

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