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Communicating research through gamification
Communicating research through gamification, - BIOChallenge and Bio…What? – Test your knowledge of the bioeconomy

A tool that is gaining popularity for teaching content and raising awareness to children and adults alike is the ‘serious game’.
BIOWAYS has developed two games to promote knowledge of the bioeconomy. They aim to test people’s knowledge of the bioeconomy and demonstrate how games can contribute to addressing and influencing attitudes and behaviours.

The first game, aimed at children, is “Bio…What?”, a serious game developed by the BIOWAYS project in partnership with the BioSTEP project , both funded by BBI-JU under Horizon 2020.

Bio…What? aims to raise young generations’ awareness of the bioeconomy, stimulating curiosity and delivering information and content about bio-based products.

Through the game, the player will discover how different raw materials and feedstocks can be used to produce everyday objects and products like furniture, food packaging, disposable goods for catering, vehicle tyres, toys, textile products, office supplies and more.
The gameplay is engaging and active, taking inspiration from the Mario Bros game. Based on the number of correct answers and ability to avoid the traps and fossil-based obstacles, the player will get a score, shareable on Facebook to increase viral dissemination of the game.

BioWhat Game

The second game, BIOChallenge, is an exciting game-quiz that will put your knowledge of the bioeconomy to the test!

The player has to respond to several questions about the bioeconomy before the time runs out.
This quiz was developed in collaboration with the STAR-ProBio project, also funded under Horizon 2020, which provided the content and BIOWAYS has designed and developed into the game.

BioChallenge Game

Both the games are available in English, Italian, Slovak, Greek, Portuguese, Estonian and Spanish.

Link to the Bio...What? game HERE 

Link to the BIOChallenge game HERE