Bio Thematic Workshops

Based on the review and assessment of the bio-based products and applications and their future potential, BIOWAYS will organize 7 Thematic Workshops to disseminate them at national and European level. These will be targeted to both, researchers and stakeholders (policy makers, public institutions, civil society, trade unions, practitioners etc.) from a multidisciplinary policy perspective.

These workshops will serve as the channel for validation of BIOWAYS partial findings. They will follow the framework of creativity session, during which different creativity techniques, ICT tools and visual material will be used in order to facilitate the participants to use the bio-based products and applications in:

  • Identifying barriers, bottlenecks, but also untapped potential of the bio-based products and applications Identifying new innovation ideas on different levels (European, national, sectorial, organisational).
  • Identifying internal difficulties to implement such innovation ideas.
  • Identifying external problematic in terms of innovation approaches or collaborations.