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Be part of BIOWAYS’ Reference Group
Be part of BIOWAYS’ Reference Group

The EU-funded project BIOWAYS ( is inviting experts motivated to enhance the visibility and potential of bio-based products and applications, to be involved as members of the Reference Group that will advise and support the BIOWAYS partners. The aim is to create a community of international experts (pool of collaborators) who will act as:

1. “Project consultants” contributing to the identification of relevant initiatives at local, regional and European level and validating the BIOW@TCH platform;
2. “Project active observers” participating in the BIOWAYS Social hack days and attending pilot training seminars;
3. “Project ambassadors” keeping their various networks informed about the project outcomes.

The Reference Group will be formed by experts from the research community (from all disciplines), policy advisors, entrepreneurs, data scientists and general public covering all targeted sectors:

- Bio-based chemicals
- Bioplastics / biomaterials / packaging
- Advanced biofuels (incl. aviation)
- Bio-surfactants
- Bio-lubricants
- Food ingredients and feed
- Bioenergy
- Bioeconomy

Interaction with the members of the reference group will be done both ad-hoc (remotely) as well as during social hack-days and pilot training seminars that will be organised to facilitate direct interaction. The aim is to seek advice about BIOWAYS’ key findings.

The specific dates of such meetings will be agreed with all the members and be fixed well in advance in order to ensure their availability and allow them enough time for the necessary logistical preparations. Furthermore, the travel costs of the Reference Group members to attend these meetings, as well as the organisational costs of those meetings are expected to be covered by the project partners.

Participation in the Reference Group is on volunteer basis. A detailed work plan outlining their task and the expected contribution of its members will be prepared and communicated to them, while a “Letter of Agreement” will be signed between the project and the experts. It should be noted that such signature will not be legally binding but will ‘demonstrate’ their commitment and willingness to contribute to project objectives.
Should you be interested in being part of the Reference Group, please fill in the Expression of Interest form until 15th April 2017 outlining your expertise and main competencies.