Partners of BIOWAYS
PEDAL Consulting
PEDAL Consulting, Slovakia

Based in Slovakia, PEDAL Consulting is a private Slovak consultancy specialising in entrepreneurship and business development through all its phases. Since 2009, the company managed to establish long-term relationships with European and international associations and companies, and contributed significantly to the creation and growth of several businesses. PEDAL Consulting has direct interaction with many enterprises. These are mainly SMEs and international associations performing their activities at local, regional, national but also international level.

The business-related services implemented by the PEDAL Consulting team can be grouped in the following distinct categories:

  • Identification of business opportunities for the clients;
  • Optimisation of business processes and organisational structures
  • Knowledge and awareness building in entrepreneurship and business;
  • Organisation of workshops, training seminars and events for young entrepreneurs and startups;
  • Preparation of market studies and business plans;
  • Preparation and implementation of international public & private tenders;
  • Development of products for the clients in order to boost their economic growth.

The company has been optimizing processes and organizational structures as well as managing outsourced tasks of several large international associations resulting in reduced costs and greater efficiency.

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