BIOWAYS champions the bioeconomy to thousands at New Scientist Live

20 September

London, UK

Thousands of visitors flocked to the BIOWAYS stand at New Scientist Live in London on the 20th of September 2018, which opened its doors for four days of scientific fun and games designed to open eyes to the wonderful world science and innovation.

BIOWAYS was there in force, with a packed display of bio-based products, a games corner and demonstrations of how we can make the most of our organic waste products to create products we use every day. Three members of the BIOWAYS team (all wearing lovely BIOWAYS T-shirts – bio-based, of course) have been joined by a variety of researchers and innovators to demonstrate just what can be done with our organic waste. From logs to burn at home made out of coffee grounds and lunch boxes to take to school made out of straw, to clothes made from bamboo and paper made from elephant and rhino poo, visitors to the stand have been amazed by just what is possible.

Meanwhile, visitors have also been learning about the bioeconomy in general, enthusiastically playing the BIOWAYS games and visiting the BioWatch platform, which highlights cutting edge bio-based research that’s had people signing up to become part of the growing community who want to find out more about the latest bio-innovations BIOWAYS was part of New Scientist Live for the first time, but is now feeling quite at home at this popular public event, one of the biggest public science events in the world, lining up with some of the biggest names in science and some of the greatest thinkers, innovators and scientists of the day.