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BIOENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY - University of Tartu, Estonia

On 15th of February BIOWAYS together with University of Tartu and Association of Bio-Sciences Students is organising a BioEntrepreneurship Day in Tartu, Estonia.
The aim of the event is to discuss and brainstorm about the possibilities for the developement of bio-economy by encouraging bio-entrepreneurship and the uptake of careers bio-economy/technology fields.
During the event:

- Madis Tilga from Norden will talk about the importance and benefits of bioeconomy and the role of bioentrepreneurship it it;

- University of Tartu, BIOWAYS and Cleantech ForEst will present different programmes and events for developing bioentrepreneurship and bio-careers;

- Several companies in the field of bioeconomy and biotech will present their success stories and discuss barriers encountered and future potential in developing bioeconomy;

- A bio-sciences alumnus will talk about his road to a successful bio-career;

- There will be a brain-storming session for (business)ideas and solutions to foster the development of bioeconomy

The event is targeted to university studentes and young researchers in all Estonian universities, entrepreneurs, practitioners, civil society and anyone interested in bio-economy.

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More information:
Kristiina Laurits
Civitta Estonia Ltd/BIOWAYS