Bio Learn

Bio Training Material & Tools

BIOWAYS will prepare educational material on the bio-based products, technologies and applications selected as the most promising ones within the project.

The learning material will target different groups of users with particular attention to students from primary and secondary schools, University & PhD students, adults without any specific educational prerequisite.

While scientific papers, reports, fact sheets, case studies, facts & figures will be used for the training contents, innovative and high impact tools such as interactive games, videos, interviews, presentations…will be produced to deliver the topics and themes to the various end-users.

BIOWAYS has already developed two GAMES:

Bio...What? and Bio CHALLENGE

"BIO Challenge" is the most recent game developed by BIOWAYS in collaboration with STAR-ProBio project, who provided the contents, while BIOWAYS designed and developed the game.
BIO Challenge is an exciting quiz game that will put your knowledge of BIOECONOMY to the test! The player will have to responde to several questions before the time runs out.

So, Remember you need to be fast!

The game-quiz is available in English, Italian, Slovak and Greek. Soon it will be also in Portuguese and Spanish.

Give a go to the BIO Challenge Game HERE

"Bio…What?" is a serious game developed by BIOWAYS in partnership with the BioSTEP project, which are both funded by BBI-JU under Horizon 2020.

BIOWAYS aims to increase public awareness of bio-based products and applications supporting the growth of the European bioeconomy. BioSTEP aims to promote stakeholder engagement and public awareness for a participative governance of the European bioeconomy.

“Bio…What?” is an online game that can raise young generations’ awareness on the bioeconomy, stimulating curiosity and delivering information and content about bio-based products.

Through the game, the player discovers how different raw materials and feed-stocks can be used to produce everyday objects and products like furniture, food packaging, vehicle tires, toys, textile products, office supplies and more.

The gameplay is engaging and active, taking inspiration from the “Mario Bros” game. Based on the number of correct answers and the ability to avoid traps and fossil-based obstacles, the player will get a score which is shareable on Facebook.

The game is available in English and Italian, and will soon available Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Estonian and Slovak.

Don't wait any longer PLAY Bio...WHAT? HERE 

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Warning: learning about bio-based products can be very addictive Laughing